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Colon Hydrotherapy 
& Holistic Therapies

Create Balance offers more than just massage therapy. Elevate your wellness with an Infrared Sauna package or learn how Colon Hydrotherapy can benefit you. 


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Holistic Therapies

Colon Hydrotherapy - Without the use of drugs or supplements, Colon Hydrotherapy (a bath for your large intestine) a safe effective way to naturally remove waste matter and mucous build up from the large intestine (a.k.a colon).  This therapy sometimes referred to as colon cleansing or colonics is completed with an FDA registered medical device using a triple filtered - temperature controlled water system and sterile disposable equipment.

Colon Hydrotherapy aids in the promotion of health and wellness through:

  • Removal of old, hardened waste material*

  • Return of regular bowel movements*

  • Restoration of proper pH balance*

  • Stimulation of the immune system*

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption*

  • Increased peristaltic activity in the colon*

  • Supporting an environment that allows good bacteria and flora to prosper*



  • Initial session: 1.5 hours which includes an initial consultation with an I-ACT trained Colon Hydrotherapist.

  • Follow up sessions: 1 hour – packages are available.

Infrared Sauna -Promotes healing and increases immunity, detoxifies heavy metals & relieves inflammation, Improves circulation & heart health.  Using our infrared sauna is a great way to release stress, relax sore muscles, and accelerate recovery. Additional health benefits include anti-aging, relaxation, sleep and weight loss.


Add a sauna session to any wellness center package or we offer three (3) 35 minute sessions for $100.

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