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Massage & Therapy

Create Balance offers Integrated Massages, Private & Community Yoga and Lymphedema Therapy.

Scroll down to learn more about the variety of integrated massage techniques and different therapies we offer. 

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Integrated Massages

Swedish - The most traditional form of massage where kneading strokes are used to relieve muscle tension.

Connective Tissue - A deep connective tissue massage used to correct structural imbalances, relieve muscle tension, and restores balance to the body releasing old trauma.

Cupping - Alternative therapy where special cups are used to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, as a form of deep tissue massage.

Lomi-Lomi -Originated in Hawaii, this massage technique is meant to soothe and relax the client, providing a sense stability and peace.

Yoga Thai - Assisting the client through a series of dynamic assisted stretching, to provide a full body treatment that relieves tension, and improves the circulatory and immune system.

Sports Massage - a rehabilitative massage used to speed up recovery, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body through improved blood circulation. Promotes a relaxed and clear-minded athlete.


Decongestive Lymphedema Therapy - a combination of manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, skin care, and exercise.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage – a technique used to stimulate the lymphatic flow and transport the lymph to non-congested areas. Relieves migraines and headaches due to sinusitis. Helps to promote recovery after reconstructive surgery ie: liposuction, breast lift/augmentation, and tummy tucks.


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