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Mind Body Classes &
Yoga Teacher Training

Create Balance offers Mind, Body, & Yoga classes for both Private & Group Sessions. Contact to book!

Interested in becoming a Yoga Instructor?

We offer a 200 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Learn more below!

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training


The 200 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is designed by Joe Barnett, ERYT-500.

Joe has been teaching for nearly two decades and has certifications in Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Acro Yoga. His primary focus of study is Functional Anatomy for Yoga and all forms of movement. Joe is a senior student and the primary assistant of Paul Grilley, his mentor of 25 years, a true Yogi Scientist who is largely responsible for the current rise in the popularity of Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy.
Joe continues to travel nationally and internationally throughout the year, assisting his teacher as well as offering his own presentations at studios and conferences all over the world. Most recently, Joe has been integrating Yin Yoga with ancient and modern techniques for better sleeping, dreaming, dying and living. These workshops on the power of surrender and the rebound of rest, restoration and rejuvenation continue to expand. 

200 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training - 

Yin Yoga is a simple practice of surrender. We settle into a posture for 3-7 minutes and slowly relax our muscles to feel the deeper, drier connective tissue matrix that wrap around and weave through the muscles and bones and joint capsule. In this way, we can safely and therapeutically stretch and maintain the strength and lubrication needed for light and easeful movement.

The alignment rules of the postures are also simple, but more importantly they are functional and organic. 

Rule #1: Listen to the body. 
Rule #2: Lead the body into the shape that f
ollows its unique proportions and into a healthy and pleasing stress on the layers of tissues of the pelvis and hips.

Every yogi’s body is unique, so the possibility of posture alignment is endless. But effective self-exploration is not. The Yin Variations method implements a 7-phase process for guiding oneself or one’s students into an exploration of shape and introspection of body sensation. It is a compassionate and empathetic method of communicating with the body and finding safe and therapeutic stresses. It also opens the door for a deeper one-on-one dialogue with individuals about their personal experiences and needs for further adjustment. 

In this training, we will analyze, observe and practice the Yin Yoga Postures in depth. We will articulate the joints on a fake skeleton model, and compare them to a slide-show study of real bones showing wide spectrums of variation. But more importantly, we will have an interactive, hands-on study of each other with range of motion (ROM) tests and other experiential analyses and practicum drills to compare our unique natures, and to develop our voice for teaching this practice. 

Further, we will study schematics of muscle and fascial lines and corresponding pathways of subtle energy according to the ancients. With Paul Grilley’s “Modern Meridian Theory” and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as our study guides, we will feel and discuss the multiple layers (physical, emotional, mental) of a deeply surrendering pose, and the resulting vibratory flow known in Yin Yoga as “The Rebound.” 

The study culminates in a truer understanding, and a better appreciation for the endless variety of human bodies, from the crude flesh and bone to the subtle bio-electric buzz known as Chi, Prana, life force. Every posture should be modified to the individual. The Yin Variations Teacher Training develops the basic techniques to help guide each student into her most effective asanas on all levels. 

This training consists of 9 - twenty hour weekends; Friday 5p - 9p, Saturday & Sunday 9a - 5p. - and twenty additional hours of home study. Classes will be held on the following weekends: 5/3, 5/10, 6/7, 7/12, 8/9, 9/14, 10/4, 11/15, & 12/6. 


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Payment plans are available upon request. 

Yoga Classes

Private Yoga
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Vinyasa - Commonly referred to as flow yoga, this uses fluid movement and breathing to
connect postures in a seamless transition.

Yoga Tune Up ® A system of therapeutic movements combined with facilitated self-massage. Combines postures and massage to Tune Up your yoga poses.

Group Yoga

Available Yoga Classes -  Registration Required, Space is Limited!


The first Wednesday of every month we partner with "Soulful Yoga by Camille".

The fourth Wednesday of every month we offer a "Sound Healing Experience" with Jill of Shivaya Healing Arts 

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